The Last Weekend




Sex, Mystery, Puzzles


There are four characters for the player to choose from:
Rita – journalist
Alice – model
Paul – programer
Anthony – athlete


They all have different abilities. Important thing is that the game shows individual scenario for each character. The common gameplay is completely different in details.


As a adventure (visual novel) game it requires a player to collect a number of items and set them together to move forward, carry out some tasks and communicate to other characters. By the way, dialogues are pretty plain and legible for users.


The best for last: you should have noticed it's AO rated product (18+) and there’re really some fruity moments. Young boys and girls in a lake hotel, miles from nowhere – all these already feels erotic. Guys don’t mind getting a peep of girls in the shower or watch some sexy pictures of their girlfriends on the Internet. What else the developers may put in the game is anyone's guess.


Download the demo of “The Last Weekend” and try it yourself. Gameplay doesn’t take much time but leaves you impressed. You are sure to be looking forward for a full version!

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